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This is a defining moment for the family of humanity. As we engage in service to each other and the plant, to be the heroes that we need at this time, we can gather our resources, create sustainable change and heal Mother Earth.

Doctors say that one of the most toxic places right now, is our homes.

What we put onto our skin, in our hair and what we touch and walk on, ultimately go into our blood. At a time of great change on the planet, and at a time when environmental toxicity is greater than ever before, it is imperative that we have options for healthy personal care products that are pure, nontoxic and food-grade.

“If it isn’t good enough to put in our mouths, it isn’t good enough to put on our bodies.”  The products that we use right now, not only need to be non-toxic, they need to support our immune systems.

After realizing and being directly affected by the increasing rates of environmental illness and cancer, I began creating products to protect people’s health.

Bringing these products to form, (beginning with food-grade skin care) is good for the planet, good for our health and good for the economy by putting people back to work. The products and their packaging are completely environmentally sustainable.

The process of doing this, with all of the products that I have developed, will begin to clean up the planet, reduce our “carbon footprint” and create a business that has the ability to heal mother earth. Ultimately, in time, these behavior patterns will restore our ozone layer and protect us from solar radiation.

I have spent the last 30 years researching solutions to the planet’s issues, I have much experience and am fully committed to creating a business that is socially responsible and environmentally conscious; a business that supports the heart, soul, mind and body of all people.

In 1997, as part of the management team for Earth Connections Environmental Store, I received the “Environmental and Socially Responsible Business Award” presented by Businesses For Social Responsibility, San Diego, CA.

I am of service to humanity, to create a business that is in integrity, setting a model for change, and carrying forth a vision to heal the planet. Please support me in this vision, so that we can get the prices of these products down, so low that the choice is clear, “Shall I buy a product that is harmful to the planet, or one that heals her?”.  If the prices are comparable, the choice is obvious for everyone.

Ultimately what is good for the planet, is good for our health. Together we are strong, and we have what it takes to turn this planet around.

If you would like to see the video, on the story of how and why this company was started and information on how to protect yourself from environmental toxicity, please
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A special thanks to M. Baraka Strauch.

Videography and editing by Marc Baraka Strauch, Ashland, OR.

Still Photographs taken by Patrice Carington, Ashland, OR.

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